Wednesday, December 11, 2013


 Thanks for the info and have a great Day.

This is a great photo by Tyler Reed. This really depicts what the west is and how vast of an area in may encompass. There are a couple of great things with this pic and that the lines, stream and clouds really draw your attention inward. The light used allows feature to show through and colors to become noticed. There are some simple things that I might change and that is putting a little more foreground and reducing the vast amount of sky. The colors in the sky are vibrant and picturesque.

This also came from Tyler blog. I really enjoy the contrast of the colors to the blurry images behind. The rule of thirds may need to be applied a little more liberal and the picture seems to be in your grill. However the lines draw you ion and the subject is centered. The two out of focus stems seem to be coming out of the picture at you and that keeps me going back into the picture.  There is a possibility that you might try a shorter ISO to reduce over exposure. Great job and nice work.


This picture came from Zach’s blog and there are some great things about the picture the lines are there the rule of thirds exists and the subject is in the middle. The foreground draws you in an the left and allows you to leave on the right bottom if you wanted. The elephant in the room is the fact that the picture is out of focus. This could be the moment trying to be captured or speak deeper into the soul. Either way the picture or the qualities of the picture say great things for the camera man and the ideas behind him.

This picture taken by Zach Witt is neat in many ways. The cloud cover in my mind really traps the eyes to the focal point of the picture in the rock formations the formations have two distinct lines in the vertical which pulls your eyes upward and the horizontal that pull my eyes to the right as the line tips downhill. The tree seems to frame the left edge and drifts your eyes right. The cloud in the background slows my eyes and the cloud behind pulls the eye back to the left the contrast of soft native colors to the deep blues is nice and refreshing.

Cole Brodus picture of the rock outcropping is a good picture and the lines are nice in that it pulls focus upward and then back down. It seems as the picture might not be as crisp as he my of wanted and the addition of foreground might add depth and magnitude to the mountain. The Dark sky behind as a little level of mystic and the ever so slight bit of snow gives it a cold and hard sense. I like that the subject is of to the right to bring oin the element of the frost on the left most edge.


This is a great photo taken by Cole Broadus and the colors are a magnificent depiction of why we live and enjoy the mountain west as our back yard. The long horizontal lines of the clouds really focus you attention to the sky and the foreground frames the bottom of the picture well to not distract from the image. The black shadow seems to be taken a little high as if you might of got a little higher and exposed a little more of the far off mountain in the back ground.

This picture was taken by Kacie Stone. I am drawn to this photo because the settings didn’t seem to slow the water. The green leaves of the foliage frame the picture nicely and the one on the right seem to be a great lead into the picture. The ice gives a frame of reference to the outdoor conditions as well as the crispness of the water. One might have used a polarizer to photograph the water. and the lines of the water seem to keep the eyes moving on the paper but not off the image.

This picture was also taken by Kacie. The vertical lines in contrast to the horizontal line of the ridge behind seems to keep on guess and digging in the picture. The soft tones of the reeds and the faces of the ridge are a nice contrast to the rich blue of the sky. The fore ground might be called busy to some and one might enhance the picture subject by letting the no subject parts be out of focus.

This Photo was taken by Robert McCullough and I find it to be very intriguing, The vertical line of the trees enable a two part process the framing of the subject as well as the entrance and draw of the eyes upward on the picture, The other trees give a nice depth of perception and add a touch of contrast and color to the image. One thing that might work well or add options for the photographer is to play with density filters and different f stops as the change the image to add value and character to an already great photo.

This photo was taken by Kris Musser. Great photo with many different lines and colors, along with varying contrasts and surfaces, to project and intrigue the viewer to look closely at the photo. The mountain draws you to the lake the lake leads you to the foreground and the foreground can take you to the right on the brighter faces of the rocks or back to the mountains and the sky the cloud cover stops me from leaving the picture to the top right and the light spot on the beach in the front corner of the lake make me look closer at what’s there. I might make one suggestion as to remove or hind the parking lot. Great Job.



Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Final Blog

All the Pics were taken With a Sony DSC-T77 Camera with no flash. These settings where the choice of the smart camera that doesn't allow me to change them also known as the "Point and Shoot"

f/4.5 1/125s ISO 320  24mm  Ap 3.625

f/4.6  1/125s  ISO-460  25mm  Ap 3.625

f/5.6 1/200s  ISO-100  25mm  Ap 3.625

f/4.0  1/640s  ISO-100  15mm  Ap 3.625

f/4.6  1/400s  ISO-400  25mm  Ap 3.625

f/3.5 1/10s  ISO-400  6mm  Ap 3.625

f/3.5  1/40s  ISO-320  6mm  Ap 3.625

f/3.5  1/40s  ISO-800 6mm Ap 3.625

f/7.1 1/500s  ISO-100  7mm  AP 2

f/3.5 1/40s  ISO-360 25mm  Ap 3.625

f/3.5 1/125s  ISO-400  35mm  AP 3.625

f/3.5 1/400s  ISO-800 35MM 

F/4.6 1/125S  ISO-400  35mm

f/5.6 1/250s  ISO-250  35mm

f/4.6   1/125s  ISO-100 35mm

f/3.5  1/125s  ISO-100 35mm

f/4.6  1/125s  ISO-320  35mm

f/3.5  1/125s  ISO 320  35mm 

f/10  1/400s  ISO-400 35mm

f/5.0 1/200s  ISO-400 35mm

f/2.4  1/460s ISO-400 35mm

f/3.5  1/500s  ISO-100 35mm

f/4.6 1/125s  ISO-100 35mm

f/4.6 1/500s ISO-460 35mm

f/4.5 1/125s  ISO-400 35mm

f/3.5 1/800s @65mph ISO-400 25mm

f/6.3 1/125s ISO-100  25mm

f/3.5  1/125s ISO-100 7mm
f/4.5 1/125s ISO-400 35mm

f/3.5 1/125s ISO-400 35mm
A Little Food For thought

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Extra Critic

1. Great job and a cool pic the exposure was probably long and took a little time to set the picture and the camera to get the correct angle and view. I like the cloud cover above the rim and the effect of time lapse in the fore ground.

2. the focus is horrible and the cropping is piss poor. The subject matter is great as the define it with a little more structure and use the rule of thirds to even the pic.

3. I like flying squirrels and would have to harvest the subject. Thanks and have a great Day

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blog 12

Photo: It was sunny and 20 degrees warmer 10 minutes ago--yikes!

It was sunny and ten degrees warmer just ten minutes ago. Love it home sweet home.
The fog that rolled in over the top of the red rocks seemed almost eerie. couple that with the sudden drop in temp and we knew that a storm was coming. 18" of snow and sun shining now is the word from the ranch.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blog 11

This pic was the taken in the highline area. It was just before dark and the picture doesnt do the sight that I saw justice. Which leads me to believe that the ability of the photo taker needs some inporovement. However you do get the pic and that is something to be said.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blog 10

I found this pic on the internet and enjoy that there really doesn't seem to be anything done with it. The haze from the sun glare is there and the shading doesn't seem to me to have been purposely done. When looking at this pic i really just want to make tracks in the snow with my sled. On the other hand, one might argue and say that there was a 4 stop used in the upper left hand corner.

Blog 9

This pic was taken while cat hunting in Wyoming. The pic looks better on the camera however the majority of the elemnts that we have talked about are in the pic. The rule of thirds really applys to this pic and fits good. I would have to like to see a brighter sun to highlight the dog and the rock out cropping.